At The Birkenhead Park School we believe enrichment is an entitlement and we expect all students to attend our extensive range of activities. To broaden horizons and raise their aspirations, students enjoy an impressive and extensive range of enrichment and extra-curricular activities before, during and after normal school hours, at weekends and during the holidays.

Our Enrichment Programme ensures that we extend the learning experiences of our students beyond the classroom. The school believes passionately in developing students' confidence, independent learning skills and interests. Staff work tirelessly to help our young people become successful, happy and fulfilled young citizens in every way.

To support teaching and learning the school offers a range of clubs including: PE Activities, Music, Singing, Art, Science, Technology, Textiles, Library & Reading, Computers, Friendship club and Coursework Catch Up sessions.

Keeping fit - at the school we have something to motivate and stimulate all needs. Activities include Football, Basketball, Netball, Rugby, Volleyball and we have a fantastic Climbing wall and Fitness Suite and many more activities.

Furthermore, the school is proud to offer some unique and exciting opportunities in going on trips including Outdoor Education Centres. We also offer all students the opportunity to learn how to play a musical instrument.

For more information about the enrichment opportunities, students can see Mr Gauntlett and parents can call 0151 652 1574 Ext 412 if you have any queries. Students have access to a timetable with a range of enrichment activities to choose from that is available for them on notice boards and digital television screens around school, as well as the student bulletin and promotion during assemblies.