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Bus Services

There are a number of bus routes that serve The Birkenhead Park School through various companies and managed by Merseytravel. 


698 (Townfield Lane - The Birkenhead Park School)

Monday - Friday - Schooldays only

Morning route from: Townfield Lane/Talbot Road via Townfield Lane, Noctorum Avenue, Upton Road, Warren Drive, Fender Way, Bidston Village Road, Hoylake Road, St James Road, Laird Street, Park Road North, Ashville Road, Park Road West, Park Road South to The Birkenhead Park School.

Afternoon route from: The Birkenhead Park School via Park Road South, Park Road East, Park Road North, Laird Street, St James Road, Hoylake Road, Bidston Village Road, Fender Way, Warren Drive, Upton Road, Noctorum Avenue, Noctorum Way, Townfield Lane to Townfield Lane/Talbot Road.

AM Times (698)

07:51 - Townfield Lane, Talbot Road

08:06 - Bidston Village Road, Fender

08:18 - The Birkenhead Park School 

PM Times (698)

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
The Birkenhead Park School 16:10 16:10 15:10 15:10 14:10
Bidston Village Rd / Fender Way 16:22 16:22 15:22 15:22 14:22
Townfield Lane / Talbot Rd 16:37 16:37 15:37 15:37 14:37


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