This event is a highly valued part of the school calendar and we would normally be looking forward to seeing you in person at the school for face to face meeting.  However, as you will be aware the current Covid 19 restrictions means we must do things slightly differently.  Choosing courses to study in Year 10 and 11 remains a key point in your child’s education, therefore we would like to work with you remotely to complete the options process.

To achieve this we have scheduled a meeting in the Year 9 Microsoft Teams student area on Tuesday 23rd February from 3:15pm. We would encourage you to attend via your child’s account.  

We have also created a GCSE Options Booklet which provides an overview of the options process and the details for the courses available to study which you can read here:

Following the event, Heads of Faculty will also available to answer any questions. You can find their email address in the booklet above, or head to our Key Contacts page.

What subjects can students take?

All students will continue to take English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science and Core Physical Education. Information on these subjects can be found in the first section of the booklet.  Some students will also be expected to study French and either History or Geography.

In addition to these subjects, we are delighted to offer a broad range of curriculum choices and these can be found in the second section of the booklet. It is vitally important that you and your son/daughter read the enclosed information very carefully in order to fully understand the level and requirements of each course, the type of assessment involved and the possible future career pathways.

Whilst every effort is made to meet student preferences regarding subject choices, this may not always be possible.  Should any course be over or under-subscribed, it may be necessary to ask some students to accept their second or third choices.  Therefore, careful consideration must also be given to identifying these reserve choices.

Once your child has made their choice, they must complete an online survey and submit their choices.  The deadline for responses is Tuesday 2 March 2021.


If you miss the event

The presentation will be recorded and uploaded to the Year 9 section on Microsoft Teams, if you are unable to attend at the designated time above, you have the option to watch it at a time which is more convenient for you.

The online survey link will be emailed to your child’s Teams account following the presentation. Any delay in returning the form may result in students not being allocated their preferred subject choice.

Thank you for your support.