All teachers at BPS are teachers of Literacy.

We all strive to improve students’ literacy so that they can write and speak to a high standard and achieve in school and beyond.

In 2018-2019 our literacy focus is on:

  • Improve students’ accuracy in writing through the use of COPS strategy.
  • Improve students’ reading speed and comprehension through tutor time reading activities.
  • Improve the language that students use and recognise so that they are ‘word rich’.
  • Establish a ‘love of reading’ culture.

The COPS Strategy.

Every lesson requires students to apply COPS to their completed work.

C-Capitalisation - Students must check that they have used capital letters in the correct place. We have a zero tolerance on this and teachers will identify all mistakes made.

O-Overall Appearance - Students must re-read their work  and check whether it makes sense, have they used the most powerful and expressive language they can, in addition students check that it is presented to the best of their ability.

P-Punctuation - Students must check that they have used the appropriate punctuation.

S-Spelling - Students must look at keywords and reflect on whether they are spelt correctly and whether they have used the correct word- aloud or allowed?

This is a whole school approach to improving literacy.


Reading and Comprehension in Tutor Times

Each week students will read a variety of texts. These will a mixture of ;

  • 19th century,
  • 20th century
  • Popular culture books
  • Newspaper Articles

Students will read these and then complete a series of comprehension tasks. For more challenge students might have to generate questions that match the answer.

Teachers will check what they have read and understood and results will be recorded so that we can track progress and put in extra intervention and support for individuals and groups of students.

The aim is to give students access to a variety of texts so that they are able to more confidently access texts in exams, also to improve reading times so that students have more time to focus on answering the question rather than de-coding the question.

In addition this strategy also introduces students to a range of genres that they might go on to explore for themselves.


Improving students’ range of vocabulary

At BPS we believe it is essential to improve students’ range of vocabulary so that they become ‘word rich’. This will give them confidence to express themselves both verbally and in written forms so that can excel and achieve within school and outside.

Each week in tutor times students will focus on improving their vocabulary by being introduced to … words that expose students to language that they might not have heard before to enable them to become word rich.

Students will be challenged to use these in their work and also re-visit these words and look for antonyms and synonyms to support it.

Furthermore students will take part in spelling tests of high frequency words which have been identified as issues across the school. These will be logged and re-visited to support students in excelling in their written work.

Moreover, teachers will identify a subject specific keyword each week that they will share with students by placing it on their doors. It will be written using everyday examples and with a definition.


Creating ‘A love of Reading’ culture.

As a way of creating a love of reading all staff are sharing what they are reading with students. This  is displayed to students on classroom doors and updated regularly.

We want to generate discussions about books and show our love of reading to students.

This is further supported by the role of the librarian.