The following page is intended to support your child's learning during the school closure.

For households without internet access a set of study materials are available, including text books and guides across many subject areas. These can be collected from the school reception from now until 2pm on Friday 20th March. There may be limited access next week with further details to be provided.

If you have access to the internet, there is a wide range of online study resources and activities for all subject areas - our teaching staff have selected the best of these below.

Contacting Key Staff

Students in Year 10 and Year 11 will be able to contact key subject staff within the school to post subject-related questions and request support or additional resources during core school hours of 9am-3pm, Monday - Friday during term time. Staff will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

You can contact key members of staff by following the link below:

The Birkenhead Park School key staff members 


PiXL Apps

Login details for students using PiXL Apps

PiXL Apps


Free CGP Head Start to A Level Books (Kindle/Kindle App Download)

These fantastic Head Start books from CGP are the ideal way to bridge the gap between GCSE and A-Level. They recap all the crucial topics you’ll need to remember from GCSE, with crystal-clear study notes and examples, plus practice questions to test your understanding. They’ve also included introductions to some of the key topics you’ll meet at A-Level. It’s the perfect way to hit the ground running at the start of the course, whichever exam board you’re studying!

The following versions are free to download on any Kindle device or iPad, Phone & Tablet with the free Kindle App:






Online Learning Resources for all Subjects


KS4 (this has all the geography topics on it that we study, there are revision sections as well as tests) (this would be used as an alternative website for revision in a different style) (this is a website that has revision guides and resources as well as questions that you can answer.

Geography PIXL app – students to use their usual log in. This has a range of different style questions and information on it.

KS3 (this will cover all the KS3 curriculum so select topics that pupils have studied)

Year 7: Skills and Europe (tourism, climates, ecosystems and fieldwork)

Year 8: Asia: China one child policy, Indian weather, Japan earthquakes, industries in newly emerging economies)

Africa: education, development, transnational companies. Ecosystems, desert regions and animal adaptations.


Year 9 and Year 10 revision resource:


Online Papers

Paper 1

Natural Hazards


UK Landscapes


Paper 2

Urban Issues

Changing Economic World

Resource Management


Geography Weekly Challenge 


Year 7 - 9 Activity Sheets

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9




Choose topics from: Writing skills, Grammar, Structure, Spelling, fiction and non-fiction texts, sentences, paragraphs, character, setting and atmosphere. Students will all be given a task sheet with 20 reading/writing activities. There is a wide range of tasks to choose from and each one should take about 1 hour to complete.

Click here to download the resource


BBC Bitesize -

Learning resources organised by topic. This is a really fantastic website and includes video clips to develop learning, followed with revision quizzes to test your knowledge.

Year 10 GCSE BBC Bitsize - Search Romeo and Juliet and An Inspector Calls.

Year 11 GCSE BBC Bitesize - Search Romeo and Juliet , A Christmas Carol and Blood Brothers.


Revision PIXL LIT app - All students know their username and login details. Year 10 can access PIXL LIT app to revise and test their knowledge on the Love and Relationships poetry, Romeo and Juliet and An Inspector Calls. Year 11 can revise and test their knowledge on the poetry, Romeo and Juliet, A Christmas Carol and Blood Brothers.

PiXL 'Don’t break the chain and bingo grids' - download the list of KS3/KS4 activities and encourage your child to score 100 points each day!

PiXL - Don't Break The Chain (English)


YouTube videos are another useful way to revise remotely and keep up with learning: Use Mr Bruff and Stacey Reay videos to revise Romeo and Juliet, An Inspector Calls and the poetry. YouTube videos are another useful way to revise remotely and keep up with learning: Use Mr Bruff and Stacey Reay videos to revise poetry, Romeo and Juliet, A Christmas Carol and Blood Brothers.


Audible, Amazon’s popular programme for audio books, is now free to all pupils during school closures. This is probably the world’s largest library! Pupils can free their minds and ‘go anywhere’ as they listen to a book/s from home, through their phones, tablets, laptops or computers. Start here -


These are the best sites for free home learning which really benefit children learning EAL.

Learn English Kids:

BBC Bitesize: 


Additional English Resources:

Online Reading List: Literary Classics

Literacy Resource Links 

GCSE Revision Website Links 



KS3 websites

GCSE bitesize has a range of different questions, tests and videos to support all age groups. PixL Maths/Timetables APP can be downloaded on multiple platforms and has a range of different games/ interactive activities to support with revision. Maths Bot is a website that generates questions and answers based on chosen topics. These can be used for revision/ specific topic recall or problem solving.

KS4 websites

Just Maths/Corbett Maths/Mr Barton Maths offer topics booklets for GCSE content, including videos on how to answer questions correctly. They also have past exam papers that students can do.


KS3 and KS4

Linguascope  – This website and app is vocab learning for all levels, it provides games and many other activities from primary level to GCSE. Worksheets can be printed and completed free of charge. Available for French and Spanish. Students can download the app for free on a tablet or PC and use the username and password given to them by their teacher. One to look out for is LINGUALEAGUE! The app presents twenty foundational vocabulary topics in French and Spanish through the medium of football. As well as core themes like numbers, colours and daily routine, there are a couple of specialist topic sections with expert football vocabulary to keep sports buffs happy.

Quizlet- This is a free flashcards app, students need to create an account then look for pineaun to find specific set of flashcards. You can look up any topic and listen to each word’s pronunciation.

BBC Bitesize – This is for both French and Spanish. Students can recap topics and grammar skills and complete a quiz to check their understanding.

In the KS4 section you can choose the exam board Eduqas and download the Duolinguo app which is a great way for students to learn how to build sentences in French or Spanish.

The great school online Spanish Challenge:

The great school online French Challenge:



This link will take you to the Eduqas exam board and a variety of resources ideal for current Year 11 Spanish GCSE students. Year 10 and 11 should primarily use BBC Bitesize for exam practice and quizlet for vocab learning.



For KS4/ GCSEHistory Year 10 and 11 look at these revision websites. These are all age appropriate and provide a range of valuable resources such as study notes, quizzes, past papers that students could read and turn into revision material. Alongside the Revision pack they have been given it is important for them to produce revision materials such as flash cards, mind maps, posters, quiz cards to allow them to practice recalling key knowledge.


For KS3 Year 7,8 and 9 look at bbc bitsesize. All key areas of our study are included here. Students can read information and watch clips that have been specially produced for students at this age. They can also then take part in quizzes to test their knowledge. Students could also use the information to write/ produce mini topic booklets and present them to their teachers.


KS3 & KS4

This website includes learning modules, videos and tests to check students’ knowledge.


These you tube videos go through the whole syllabus in an accessible way.


Musictechteacher is a website of quizzes and activities based on music theory, instruments of the orchestra and looks at the historical context of different musical genre. It is free to use and has useful worksheets and information within the website. Students at Key stage 3 are familiar with using the website within their school lessons.

Year 9 Performing Arts Project

Year 10 Performing Arts Project


Y7/8/9 – follow the school PE Twitter PE_BPSWirral for daily fitness challenges.

'PE with Joe' - Joe Wicks (body coach) will be keeping students active and healthy each morning starting at 9am on youtube.

Y10 – Exam content – revision packs given out. Exam title – Preventing injury in sport.

Y11 – Coursework – Technology in sport.


KS3 or

KS4 Computing / IT



Year 11 All students were given the BTEC Tech Award Digital Information Technology Revision Guide. On the inside of the cover there is an access code for them to use on



BBC Bitesize: First & Second Level.

National Theatre:


BBC0 Bitesize: Exam Board is AQA

National Theatre:

Digital Theatre Plus:


Year 9 Project

Year 10 Performing Arts Project



Yr 11 need to continue sketching ideas for their exam. Create 4 alternative sketches for your final piece.

Yr10 – need to start a set of 4 detailed designs for a 3d mask, linking sea life and a culture we have studied.

Yr 9 – take a set of close up photographs on their phones and sketch them. Research the Aboriginal culture and their art work.

Yr8- Take photographs of landscapes such as Birkenhead Park and draw from them. Research The Impressionists and Georges Seurat.



60 daily challenges - For a bit of fun

Surviving Lockdown