As part of our remote learning support we are offering ideas for whole family learning opportunities.


This section focuses on the skill of creative writing. Students are required to write imaginatively throughout their school career and also during their GCSEs.


These types of activities help promote creativity and confidence in students writing. They could also be used as families and children of all ages could take part and even you the adult!


Each task has a beautiful picture and an unfinished story that needs to be completed. A series of discussion questions follow and it ends with a creative drawing idea. 


Perfect for family times round the table whilst letting the whole family take part and express their views. Who knows where these might lead you!


Have a look and if you have any completed stories, pictures or ideas please send them to 


Creative writing tasks


Creative Writing Tasks



The Blue Peter Badge Challenge 



Take part as a family in The Blue Peter Badge Challenge:

Blue Peter Badge Challenge 





Miss Dawes

Assistant Headteacher