Royal Marine Soldiers Visit The Birkenhead Park School

The Birkenhead Park School welcomed two Royal Marine soldiers to the school to who give the students a presentation on possible career paths in the military, and then see if they and some members of staff were up to the task!

17 July 2017

The presentation consisted of a question and answer session with a selection of Year 9 and Year 10 students, with the students able to pick the brains of our special guests, who have both served as Royal Marines all over the world. The two year groups asked a range of questions and listened to the gripping stories that the soldiers shared.

Students and staff then attempted a physical test identical to that which the Royal Marines complete during their induction training, giving a real taste of exactly how demanding the training can be.

All the students who took part were a real credit to the school and both guests commented on the outstanding effort levels they all displayed.

Mr Lodge, Achievement Mentor, said: “ I was really pleased to see our students give 110% during their physical activities and believe that they found the whole experience really useful. There were a few sore muscles the morning after from both the student and staff who got involved!”

Year 9 student Ben said: “ It was brilliant hearing all of the stories the soldiers told us. It opened my eyes up to how hard they train.”