How will Covid-19 affect my son/daughter joining The Birkenhead Park School?

As this is an ever-changing situation, we are constantly reviewing and adapting our plans. Your son/daughter’s safety is of paramount importance to us and when we are able to welcome students into school, we will be following government guidelines around issues such as social distancing and personal safety.


What happens on my child’s first day?

On their first day of school, students will spend the morning getting to know their Form Tutor who will give out timetables, lunch cards and school bags. Students will then be given a tour of the school before taking part in lessons.


What do they do about lunch on their first day?

On their first day of school students will be given a lunch card and money can be loaded onto this via the cash machines located in the canteen. The cards can also have money loaded onto them via ParentPay. Students can bring in a packed lunch on their first day and there is the option to buy food at break and during Breakfast Club.


What activities do you have in place to help my child make friends?

Students will take part in a range of induction activities in form groups, all designed to assist them in talking to new people and making new friends. The Year 7 team will always be on hand to support students during this transition period.


Who can I talk to if I’m worried about my child?

Mrs Kirwan and Miss Chong are on call throughout the school day for you to speak to, whether this is on the telephone or in person. You can also speak to the Year 7 Teaching Assistants and Form Tutors about any issues.


How much homework will my child get?

Homework is an important part of a student’s life at The Birkenhead Park School and all students are expected to complete it regularly. Homework is signposted in the Learning Programmes located in the front of students’ work books for parents to monitor.


Can my child cycle to school?

Bikes can be brought to school, however, all bikes MUST be locked in the bike sheds.


Can my child bring a mobile phone into school?

Students are permitted to bring mobile phones into school but may only use them at break and lunch.


Who can I contact about my child’s progress?

Students are given interim progress reports termly and we hold a settling-in event in the first term to discuss your child’s progress.


Need another answer?

If you have a question that hasn’t been covered in this Welcome Guide, please don’t hesitate to send your questions to: