We always work hard to keep you up-to-date with what is going on across the school and with your child’s learning and development. It is vital that we work together to ensure your child achieves their full potential and communication is crucial to that success. There are a number of ways we will communicate with you to ensure you get the relevant information and updates.



Email will be our main way of communicating with you and any Letters informing you of important information such as parents’ evening, trips and information about the school will be emailed to you.


Text Messages

We will contact you at times via text message.



Year 7, 8 and 9 (Key stage 3) students will receive four reports each year which tell you how your child is progressing in all subjects and give an indication of their end of year or end of qualification targets. Year 10 and 11 (Key stage 4) students will receive reports at the end of each half term. Both engagement and attainment are assessed so that you can see the fullest possible picture of your child’s progress during the year.



Our website is regularly updated with good news stories and events. It is a great source of information about the school and may help you answer important questions about the school.


Social Media

We update our Facebook and Twitter account almost daily with important news and events, including reminders of key dates and any decisions to close the school in the event of extreme weather.


Facebook: The Birkenhead Park School

Twitter: @BPSWirral

Email: offices@birkenheadparkschool.com