Mrs Kirwan

Year 7 Pastoral Leader 

As the Head of Year 7, my team and I are here to support your child with the transition from primary to secondary school. We will have already met many of our new students as we work closely with local primary schools, providing taster classes and showing them around the school so the transition is less daunting.

The Year 7 pastoral team go to great lengths to help your child feel welcome. Our hugely experienced team includes dedicated Form Tutors who will know your child well. Miss Chong and I are always available before, during and after the school day.

I feel very excited to be part of your child’s next steps in education and look forward to a secure, happy and successful Year 7 for all at The Birkenhead Park School.


Miss Chong

Year 7 Assistant Pastoral Leader 

With our help, your child will quickly settle into school life, making new friendships and learning lots of new things. We have so many exciting new lessons for them to enjoy, as well as a huge variety of amazing clubs and trips to get involved in when they arrive in September.

Our school offers a safe, caring and supportive environment so that your child can achieve their very best. We will always be around to discuss any problems or worries they may have along the way. If we all work together, we can ensure your child reaches their full potential.


Students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Miss Weekes

Assistant Headteacher, SENCO

Information about your child’s individual needs is gathered during the transition period by key staff. The school’s assessment and screening procedures are used to give us an up-to-date profile of learning needs against our thresholds for SEN support.

We have a strong team of Teaching Assistants and Teachers who specialise in providing a range of support strategies to ensure that every member of the school community thrives. Our focus is on providing high quality teaching which addresses any difficulties in the acquisition of literacy and/or numeracy skills, and the social and emotional aspects of learning. We have close relationships with other agencies and incorporate specialist advice into Person Centred Plans where appropriate.


Year 7 Teaching Staff


Details on Year 7 form tutors coming soon