All students at The Birkenhead Park School follow our careers provision from Year 7 to Year 11. We understand the advice of a parent/carer is imperative to our students decision making and that is why it is important that together, we can give all of our students quality information and guidance throughout their school years. Parents and carers have a huge influence on helping students choose their options in Year 9 and continuously through until Year 11, when they continue on to further education, employment or training. 

As a parent/carer, you can expect to be offered accurate and current information during opportunities including; Y9 options evening and Y11 information evening. On both of these occasions we will have local colleges attending to give you further information. 

During KS4 all students have access to a careers advisor, offering personal guidance, who will support with a range of important activities, including: 

  • Applying to sixth form/FE colleges
  • Applying for apprenticeships
  • Support with CV writing
  • Researching LMI and employment opportunities


What support is there to help my child/ward prepare for the future?

Preparation should start early - long before your child becomes an adult.

Please find some links below, and have a read through of the careers section of our website. If there are still questions that you have in order to support your child/ward’s decisions, please contact the Careers Lead mentioned on the careers homepage.