Each student receives a lanyard when they join the school, this will be in the colour of their respective houses - each representing one of the school's values. The lanyards should include the student's conduct card at all times. Their conduct cards act as a daily reminder of our school values and expectations of all students to be ready to learn throughout the school day, though equally importantly we are able to recognise and reward good behaviour. The lanyard is also a convenient place to store the alternating school timetables, as we move between weeks A & B, simply turn your timetable around and you've got your weeks schedule at a glance when moving between lessons.

Swipe Cards

The canteen operates a cashless Swipe Card system. This means that all food purchased in the canteen must be via a card issued to students.

Two machines are available in the canteen and corridor outside for students to put money on their cards.

The system operates effectively but a number of difficulties are encountered:

  • It is inevitable that cards will be lost from time to time. however students need to understand how important the cards are to the smooth running of the canteen.  A careless attitude to the cards cannot be tolerated and the canteen staff will not always be able to accommodate students who try to purchase food without their card.
  • Each new student is given a card free of charge when they start. Any replacement that is required (for any reason other than normal wear and tear) will be provided at a cost of £2.00.

Any student who has not got their card should let a member of school staff on duty in the canteen know so that arrangements can be made with the canteen staff.

If you need information about the system in general or the status of your child’s card please do not hesitate to contact the school.