1 February 2016

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The students went to the Floral Pavilion where they heard a first-hand account of the experiences of Holocaust survivor, Joanna Millan, as well as a presentation from students who had recently visited Auschwitz.


A Statement of Commitment was made by GCSE students from other schools, while Yahrtzeit candles were lit in memory of those that had lost their lives.


Head of Humanities Miss Dawes said: “This was a very special opportunity for the students to hear from someone who had been through the reality of what they are told about in the classroom. The theme for the national memorial day was ‘Don’t stand by’, something that is relevant in so many areas and we can use to remind the students to consider their individual responsibilities and not to be bystanders to bullying, hate crime and prejudice.”


Joanna Millan has spoken to Wirral pupils on two previous occasions. She was born Bela Rosenthal in August 1942 in Berlin, Germany. In June 1943, Bela and her mother were taken from their home and sent to the Theresienstadt ghetto. After liberation Bela, along with five other surviving orphans, was flown to England. Joanna went on to marry a Jewish man and has three children and eight grandchildren. She is a magistrate and speaks regularly about her experiences during the Holocaust.


The students found the day really impactful, one of them said: “I didn’t expect it to make me feel the way it did, it made everything we had learnt in the classroom so much more real.”

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