29 February 2016

50 Year 7 students took the opportunity to get a real taste of University life, taking part in a series of sessions designed by the Educational Opportunities Team. The day was delivered by graduates and student advocates from the University, who were also able to talk about their experiences and time in higher education.


The BPS students were given a tour of the University campus and were informed about Student Societies Activity as well as finance. They took part in a practical Science masterclass before having the opportunity to ask about what they wanted to know in a question and answer session.


Siobhan from Year 7 was glad she went on the trip, she said: “It was very enjoyable and fun and we learnt lots of new things. I really enjoyed the science experiments we did in the University labs.”


The activities throughout the day focussed on a different aspect of personal development for the students and were designed to increase their motivation towards education, expand their knowledge and vocabulary of University, develop an understanding of a ‘progression journey’ through education and increase their aspirations for the future.


One member of staff from the University of Liverpool said: “The students were all impeccably behaved and really impressed both our student workers and Academic staff. They have been absolutely lovely to have visit and we look forward to seeing them again.”

Year 7 students trip to University of Liverpool