9 May 2016

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Sophie from Year 7 was part of a group of students who were taught vital life saving skills by a trainer from St John Ambulance. The session aimed to give students the confidence to act quickly and effectively if someone collapsed and that is exactly what she did.

While walking to school a few days later Sophie and two of her friends saw a woman collapse and hit her head. She appeared to be fitting and they rushed over along with another member of the public.

While one of the students called an Ambulance, Sophie instructed the others to turn the woman over to make sure she didn’t choke. Sophie then started to talk to the woman to reassure her and keep her calm while they waited for the emergency services to arrive.

Sophie said: “It was quite scary but the information I had be given in school was still fresh in my mind as well as what I have been taught previously. I remembered the importance of talking to the person and making them comfortable which is what I did. I am glad I have learnt these skills and I am keen to continue to learn more.”

Paramedics and police soon arrived at the scene and after explaining what had happened, Sophie and her friends continued their walk to school.

Headteacher Helen Johnson said: “I am so proud of Sophie and her friends for their quick actions. This situation shows just how vital the skills that St John Ambulance can teach young people are and the confidence it gives them to be able to react quickly in situations like this.”

92 students took part in the sessions with St John Ambulance on Monday 25 April.

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