13 June 2017

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Students representing The Birkenhead Park School as part of this panel were provided with information about the hidden amounts of fats, sugars and salts in some takeaway meals and drinks.

The workshop was a part of the Eatwell Wirral Project, which is an award scheme that has been developed to support local takeaway food businesses offering advice to them on how to prepare and cook some foods to make them healthier options.  They do this by using healthier cooking oils, reducing salt, offering reduced fat cheese as well as increasing the amount of fruit, vegetables and salads that they offer.

All the children who attended the pupil panel were asked to complete a short questionnaire to find out more about their consumption of takeaway foods, fruit, vegetables, breakfast and sugary drinks. At the end of the session they were all asked what they had learned from the workshop and if they planned to make changes as a result of attending and if so how they could share what they had learned with their school, family and friends.

After their session, The Birkenhead Park students on the panel identified what things they currently do in school which promotes a healthy lifestyle. Some of the things to be highlighted by the students were the after school and lunchtime clubs such as Football, Zumba, Running and Rugby, as well as facilities they can use in school, such as the gym which encourages all students to keep active and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

Philip Rhodes, Senior Health and Well-being Advisor from the 0-19 Health Promotion Team said “Thank you to all of the schools that sent representatives, all students were a credit to their school and behaved impeccably. All students enjoyed the day and contributed enthusiastically to the discussions.”