5 February 2018

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Aimed at raising aspirations amongst young people and encouraging more students to choose a career in Law, the programme is being led by local firms including DLA Piper Solicitors and Kennon Doyle Solicitors.

The project is run by Carol Maginn who has been a lawyer for 30 years she said;

“The Live Law Project is designed to bring lawyers and students together, to give students an idea of how the law works so that they can be more engaged citizens and get an idea of whether they’d like to study law or perhaps have a career in law. We’re absolutely delighted to be working with The Birkenhead Park School and really looking forward to seeing the students’ progress throughout the project.”

Mr Lodge, Achievement Mentor at The Birkenhead Park School said “It’s an amazing opportunity for our students to learn from professionals in the legal field. We’re hoping to raise their aspirations and encourage our students to pursue careers in Law. We’ve had a fantastic interest from our Year 10 students and we’re excited about what’s in store with this project.

One of the Year 10 students who is taking part in the project said, “I really like doing the ‘Live Law Project’ because it makes me believe that I can really follow my dreams and become a Lawyer. It has been really interesting to find out the different aspects of Law”, Hallie-Marie, Year 10 student.