12 October 2018

Our aim as a school is to achieve “Ambition and Excellence for All” and we are committed to providing the best possible education for every student. Central to this are our values which underpin every aspect of school life:

  • Positivity - we are positive about what we do and what others can do
  • Ambition - we will work to raise aspirations and develop a strong desire for success
  • Resilience - we will be determined and not give up when faced with difficulties
  • Thoughtfulness - we treat everyone with respect and consideration

We introduced brand new lanyards at the start of this school year, with each student receiving their own in the colour of their respective houses (each of the four values). As well as acting as a daily reminder of our core values, the lanyards hold each students timetable and a brand new conduct card. With the conduct cards we are able to remind students of our expectations for them to be ready to learn throughout the school day, though equally importantly we are able to recognise and reward good behaviour.

It has been great to see the reception of the lanyards alongside other new initiatives. We’ve also introduced a unique Year 11 uniform that’s aimed at helping them recognise their status and responsibility as our most senior students, as well as bridging the gap for how they might dress professionally for interviews and in the workplace.

Students are now coming into school with a distinct sense of pride in their uniform, plus they’re much more confident now that our expectations are clear and they are arriving to classrooms ready to learn. We know that by focusing on being Positive, Ambitious, Resilient and Thoughtful that we can set our students up not just for academic success, but with the vital skills for dealing with the world beyond GCSEs.