12 December 2018

Year 8 student Chris has confirmed his exceptional ability in performance over the weekend as he appeared on stage in London’s West End for the second time. A keen young performer, Chris is an active member of the school’s performing arts department and highly regarded by his drama teacher, Mr Osgood.

This time he was performing songs from The Greatest Showman to a sold out 1,200 capacity crowd in Her Majesty’s Theatre, London. The grand venue is home of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ and a staple of the globally renowned West End. Chris’s performance is the result of his involvement with Wirral Academy of Performing Arts (WAPA), a performance group where Chris practices his acting, singing and dancing for group performances such as this weekend’s event that was part of ‘Young Performers 2018’, a celebration of youth groups across the UK that gives them the opportunity to perform on the big stage.

In school, Chris is a conscientious student and a leading ambassador of the school’s performing arts clubs. He attends drama and singing, plus he’s the club leader for the Year 7 Drama club as he looks to share his passion and encourage peers to get involved in the arts.

Mr Osgood said “It is fantastic that Chris has had this opportunity with his Theatre School, it’s amazing that are students are having these experiences. I am a strong believer that the performing arts should be accessible for all and the Birkenhead Park School are helping to make that possible. Since Character and Drama has been re-introduced I have noticed students confidence and communications skills improve rapidly. It's exciting that our students have these opportunities”

Chris’ story is testament to the school’s positive decision to reintroduce drama lessons and reinvigorate its extra-curricular provision this year. Without these opportunities to engage with something new, many students would be deprived of the opportunity to explore an interest and develop skills in the many different fields.

“I love performing, when I’m older I’d like to be a singer and act in movies. I’m glad Drama is back in school so that people can develop their skills and I think my grades in other subjects have improved too. Drama is very fun and I have quickly improved my confidence, it also helps improve self-esteem. Having Drama in school makes me want to come in every day, I attend all of the drama clubs and love doing it in school, it means that my dream job is even closer than I thought possible” said Chris.