9 October 2019

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Every Thursday, our Year 7 ‘Harry Potter’ book club students grab their books, wands, scarves and beanbags and head off to a quiet reading corner in school.

During their 30 minute sessions per week, the students, along with Miss Dawes, discuss challenging vocabulary used within the book and have discussion points which really help them to understand the characters and themes used.

At the moment students are reading ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ and once they complete the book they will graduate with a ‘Harry Potter’ house pin of their choice.

Assistant Headteacher, Miss Dawes, said: “Students have been really eager to take part in the ‘Harry Potter’ book club and arrive at each session with huge smiles on their faces. We really want to encourage children to love to read as much as we do.”

The book club is part of the school’s overall Reading and Literacy strategy to close the gap between reading ages and chronological reading ages. They also run a Year 12 reading buddy group and a Year 10 reading buddy group. The school want to foster a love of reading and ensure that all students are exposed to a wide variety of books, language and vocabulary to make them effective communicators in their school life and careers beyond.