14 July 2020

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This innovative reading programme will become a key part of the school curriculum and each day students will take part in reading sessions with their form tutors who will read aloud to them whilst students follow along in their own books using their personalised bookmarks.


The books chosen cover a wide range of genres with a diverse range of themes, issues and cultures, including some ambitious texts to challenge students.


From September, students will be reading from a list of books that include:


I am Malala – the true story of a school girl in Pakistan who fought for her right to an education



The Graveyard Book – a wickedly sinister book following the life of a boy called Bod who grows up in a graveyard



You are awesome – written by a two-time Olympian, this book will inspire young readers to find the confidence to realise their potential.



At the start of each book, form tutors will host an inspiring assembly to introduce the book and distribute a ‘knowledge organiser’ that students will use alongside the book to help them delve into the meaning of selected vocabulary and provide a range of discussion questions so that students will be able to share their own views and experiences.


The ‘Big Read’ initiative is based on clear research that shows that regular reading helps improve students vocabulary and confidence.  This growth in confidence then extends to other academic subjects and students are then able to excel in their studies.


 The ‘Big Read’ project will help ignite a love of reading, something The Birkenhead Park School feels very passionate about and embody the school ethos of ‘Ambition and Excellence for All’.


Miss Dawes, Assistant Headteacher and the driving force behind The Big Read said “We are so excited to be launching this initiative in September.  A lot of thought, planning and staff training has gone into the launch and we are looking forward to seeing students develop a love of reading and watching how their confidence grows.”