9 February 2022

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A world champion athlete and sports charity ambassador visited Birkenhead Park School and inspired students with an energetic talk, demonstrations and encouragement to get involved in some challenging workouts.

World Tumbling Team Champion 2019, Jaydon Paddock, who represents Great Britain and England in gymnastics, visited the school and spoke about his successful medal-winning gymnastics career, showing the students his medals and allowing fans to take selfies with him.

Amongst the 20-year-olds many accolades, Jaydon achieved 2019 World Champion status in Japan and won a gold medal at the Trampoline and Tumbling Junior World Championships.

Students were fascinated to find out more about this inspirational sportsman after asking him insightful questions, including his hopes at a future career move into stunt work.

Jaydon then led a workout specially designed to put students through their paces, and gave a demonstration of his incredible ability, showcasing somersaults and flips, much to the students amazement.

Teacher of PE at the Birkenhead Park School, Mr Gauntlett, said: “We were delighted to meet Jaydon and see his fantastic abilities first-hand. It was a fantastic experience for all the Year 7 pupils and teachers.”

Headteacher Mrs Johnson said: “We are proud to be working with Jaydon and Sports for Champions to help raise fund for athletes in the UK. At The Birkenhead Park School, we educate and nurture students to become positive, ambitious, resilient and thoughtful, and sport is a key way to achieve these values.”

Overall, the students raised £482 through sponsorship for Sports for Champions CIC Ltd, who work in partnership with aspiring athletes to help them achieve their dreams of turning professional.