13 June 2024

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All the staff at BPS are always thrilled to hear of the successes of their former students, so it was fantastic to hear that several of our former students have been chosen to be Student Ambassadors at Birkenhead Sixth Form College.

Student Ambassadors play an extremely important part when supporting our current students with the transition to sixth form after their GCSEs.

Being an ambassador at the College will also give them the opportunity to gain experience and add it to their CV which can greatly help with University and job applications.

We asked them why they chose to become an Ambassador:

Overall they said that there is nothing in the College that they’d change, however they would ask to add more chairs in the 8SQ canteen for lunchtime!

The Birkenhead Park School is, and will continue to always be, very proud of our former students; they are a fantastic representation of our school values. Wherever they go in life, experiences like this will have helped them to get there.

If you are a former student, we’d love to hear from you and celebrate your successes since you left the school.  Please email offices@birkenheadparkschool.com