In the event of an emergency closure of the school, we will make every effort to give parents as much notice as practically possible.

If there is severe weather overnight

The decision to close school will be made by the Headteacher in consultation with site staff and the Chair of the Local Governing Body.

In addition to providing updates on the school website, Information relating to the closure will be relayed to:

  • School Facebook & Twitter
  • Radio Merseyside
  • Radio City
  • Real Radio
  • The Local Authority

If the weather deteriorates during the day

  • If snow occurs during the day, there are two possible decisions to be made by the Headteacher to keep school open or to close the school and send students/staff home early
  • The decision will be based on the risks relating to students’ safety if they remain on site.
  • Information will be relayed to radio stations and the school website will be updated accordingly if the school has to close early.
  • Students will be informed that the school will close and parents will be informed via text messaging.
  • We will supervise the use of mobile phones by students to inform family of the intended closure.
  • There will be an orderly release of students and all attempts will be made to make contact with parents of students who do not have access to a phone. However, this may not always be possible.
  • Adequate supervision levels to ensure student safety and an orderly release from school will be a priority.


In the event of an early school closure, the school minibus transport would not be provided due to safety concerns around hazardous road conditions. Families will be contacted as a priority to enable them to make alternative arrangements to support their child in getting home.

For information regarding Year 7 transport arrangements please see the below letter

Year 7 Transport Arrangements