25 January 2016

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Fifteen students took part in a range of science activities at the University’s Faculty of Science where they got inside an inflatable planetarium, made their own moisturising cream and learnt about the risks attached to different types of volcanic eruption.


Science teacher Mr Bunting said: “The activities were fantastic and really opened the eyes of our students to the possibilities for their own lives in the future. They all enjoyed the trip which was engaging as well as informative and taught them a lot.”


The inflatable planetarium enabled the students to understand more about the constellations that could be seen over Merseyside if the light pollution didn’t affect the view. The session was led by an astrophysicist who had recently worked with Professor Brian Cox from the BBC’s Stargazing.


Students then took part in a hands-on session in Chemistry which was led by The Birkenhead Park School governor and Professor at the University, Dr Helen Aspinall. The lesson was in the new state of the art science laboratories and the students learnt about emulsions and produced their own moisturising cream.


Professor Aspinall said: “The Birkenhead Park School Year 9 science students were a real pleasure to work with. Several of them had visited us before for science activities in Years 7 and 8 so it was a particular pleasure to see them again.  They applied themselves with great enthusiasm to tackling a very busy practical chemistry session, which included using sophisticated microscopes that are normally used only by our undergraduate students. We hope to see them again in Year 10 for our 'Dangerous Science' summer school."


In the final session the students looked at geology and after learning about the risks attached to different types of volcanic eruption they then had to design a scientific risk assessment for a town on an active volcanic Island.


The trip was enjoyed by all and gave the students an idea of what it would be like at University as well. Jack from Year 9 certainly liked what he saw, he said: I definitely want to study science here!’


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