23 June 2016

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The school once again organised and hosted ‘Discover Birkenhead’ where Year 5 pupils became investigators and learnt about the history of the school as well as Birkenhead and its community.

Actors assisted staff dressed in authentic costumes to give the children realistic snippets of history from historical figures such as John Laird and Andrew Irvine, to a ghost from the war.

The children were given four investigations focussing on finding out about Birkenhead Park, the impact of World War I and II, famous people of the local area and the history of The Birkenhead Park School itself. In groups they created timelines to preserve the history for future generations.

Year 5 pupil Harvey from Mersey Park Primary said: “The event was really good because we learnt lots of facts about Birkenhead. It was fascinating to learn about the school and I am now thinking of coming to BPS.”

The event is organised by the Year 7 team as part of the schools Primary Liaison work. Head of Year 7 Miss Evans said: “The children always have a fantastic time and we put a lot of preparation and effort into making it an exciting as well as educational morning for the children. They always leave with smiles on their faces and learn a lot from the visit which is great to see.”

Green room technology was also used to take pictures of the pupils in costumes onto historic backdrops, something to give them a lasting memento from the day.

Nathan from Mersey Park Primary said: “It has been really interesting and I have learnt all about the park and who created it.”

Macy from The Priory Primary said: “I have had a really good time, the actors were really funny and I have learnt a lot. I really enjoyed the green screen and seeing everyone dressed up.”

Ten schools took part in ‘Discover Birkenhead’ at The Birkenhead Park School over a four day period.

Ms Sanders from Bedford Drive Primary said: “What a fantastic learning opportunity for the children to find out about the history of their local area. The staff and students from The Birkenhead Park School were enthusiastic and charismatic and we all learnt a lot, thank you!”

The ‘Discover Birkenhead’ event was hosted in the Year 7 base which is a ‘school within a school’ that gives the younger students the best possible start to their secondary education by easing the transition from primary to secondary school.

Discover Birkenhead

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