25 April 2017

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Geography students at The Birkenhead Park School have been lucky enough to try their hand at 3D goggles with Google Expeditions.

Linking in with their curriculum and understanding of natural hazards and coastal erosion, the Google 3D goggles allowed the students to visit locations around the world including Victoria Falls andthe Amazonian rainforest, plus they even went underwater with a great white shark and got a glimpse into outer space.

The sessions were delivered to enable students to get a more vivid and true-to-life view of the locations in question to help visualise them and help with their work.

With Google Expeditions, students can take field trips from the safety of their classroom. Led by their teacher as a guide, through collections of 360 degree and 3D images, they can point out interesting sights all along the way. The virtual reality exploration is run through an app which can be downloaded to bring lessons to life.


Teacher of Humanities, Miss Ryan said "It was amazing to watch the locations and topics from our lessons come to life, and the students absolutely loved it. It was a perfect revision tool for the Year 11s who were able to visit locations suffering from natural hazards and coastal erosion."


Some lucky students even got to take the goggles home to use the app with their families and show them what they had been learning about in lessons.

Year 8 student, Liam, said "Thanks for giving me the opportunity to visit places around the world I would never get a chance to see.”