9 May 2017

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The students spent two days cooking up a storm in Food and Technology and honing their jumping skills on the trampolines during PE. They were given a Birkenhead Park School buddy who looked after them and showed them around, making them feel welcome and answering all their questions about life in a British school.

As part of The Birkenhead Park School’s international exchange programme, the two sets of students came together to share experiences and for the Kontiki school students it gave them a chance to study in another country and environment. 

“I have really enjoyed my time in the UK and at this school. I made some new friends and have learnt more about the history and culture. This is something I will never forget.” Alexander, Kontiki school student 

The group of 35 students and three staff were welcomed by Headteacher Helen Johnson, before being buddied up with students at the school.

They experienced life at the school and they also visited local attractions in Liverpool as part of their visit.

“It is such a pleasure to welcome these students from Denmark back to The Birkenhead Park School and I know they will gain a lot from the experience. Staff at the school have worked hard to build up and maintain our international links, of which we are very proud. Both sets of students enjoy learning about a different culture and seeing it in practice opens up new opportunities for them all.” Mrs Johnson, Headteacher 

The Birkenhead Park School is also linked with schools in Germany and Denmark as part of our exchange programme.

During Cookery lessons, students worked together in making Frikadellers, the Danish meatball, and then shared these over lunch whilst getting to know one another. 

“It was lovely to see the Danish students assisting our students making the Frikadellers, it was a real combination of cultures” Mrs Redmond, Technology and Food Teacher

All students were an example to their schools and the programme was a huge success. The Birkenhead Park School look forward to welcoming other schools as part of their exchange programme soon.