12 September 2017

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The Archbishop’s visit was part of his ‘Believe in Birkenhead’ mission which encompasses three days of activities in the region that included a morning at the school with our students and staff.

Along with a Q & A session with students and a tour of the school facilities, the Archbishop took part in lessons which were taking place. 

The Archbishop of York, along with his fellow clergy visitors from local parishes, joined students in answering questions.

During the session, the Archbishop told a student: “You are unique and if you do not give everything of yourself in the best possible way then it is other people who miss out. It is not just through hard work but your own determination and passion to push yourself enough.”

His words reflect the vison and values of the School in positivity, ambition, resilience and thoughtfulness, and gave the students a lot to think about afterwards.

Charlie in Year 8 said: “I feel as though the Archbishop has given me a huge confidence boost and made me realise I can believe in myself and therefore achieve the best grades possible in school.”

Charlie’s Year 8 classmate, Lily, agreed and said: “The Archbishop was really approachable and easy to talk to, he gave me some important life lessons.”

After his visit, the Archbishop visited Birkenhead Sixth Form College to meet with students and staff.