16 October 2017

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Chief Constable Cooke, has represented the Merseyside Police for over 30 years having obtained an Honours Degree in Politics from Nottingham University and served as a Detective at every rank.

Year 8 students took the opportunity to grill the seasoned Constable asking highly considered questions about topics such as the work of the Police in the community, local crime and social media.

Awarded his Chief Constable status in 2016, PC Cooke, took no time in answering whether he was proud of the police that work for him. “I am extremely proud of my officers, I receive many letters of thanks from the public regarding the work they do. Their day to day job involves being heroic and doing acts of kindness daily and they do this all because they want to serve and help the public.”

The topic of questioning then led to the relationships Police Officers build with young people which the Chief Constable was keen to point out is a key part of the work his team undertake. “We continuously look for ways in which to link in with younger people starting at Primary School age. They become mini Police Officers and go out with speed guns, pointing them at the cars and then challenging the drivers. It makes it more real for them and for the people caught speeding, being challenged by a child not a Police Officer.” 

The Chief Constable, who has been involved in the development of crime reduction strategies, brought questions about the type of crimes that concern him into a new light, saying “Internet crime is the biggest worry because of bullying and child exploitation. I always say don’t do anything online that you wouldn’t do face to face because it is real and it is not always a local crime.”

Terrorism was also brought to the fore, with the Chief Constable reassuring students that it is very rare that anything happens and that he now feels agencies need to work together to protect against this type of threat. He also pointed out that the internet plays a crucial role and although it is fantastic technology, it also has a dark side and that the role of Police Officers is to understand how best to guard people against the bad for young people, adults and as a country.

After his visit the Chief Constable remarked “What lovely students,. They are all very smartly presented and they asked great questions, I have been very impressed by them and the school.”

Year 8 student, Charlie said “It was good to ask the Chief Constable about the local area as he made me feel more at ease knowing we have such good Police Officers looking after us.”