17 October 2017

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Eighty students went on the trip and took part in a range of activities aimed at building resilience, develop organisational skills and team building.


Head of Year 7 Mrs Kirwan said: “It was worth all the planning and preparation to see all our Year 7’s grow in confidence by attempting and achieving new challenges. All the activities needed strong team work, resilience and positivity. The students achieved so much and should be so proud of themselves.”


Activities included a zip wire, raft building, puzzle solving, a night line, camp fire and archery. The students were so happy to have achieved things they never thought they would:


Ruby said: “I was so proud of myself solving the activities with the help of my friends. I loved every minute of the trip.”


Joel said: “It was amazing! The zip wire was so high and I didn’t think I would be able to do it. I was so happy when I did.”


Christopher said: “I loved building the raft. It took my breath away when I jumped off the raft into the freezing cold water.”


Abbie said: “I wanted to stay for another week and would love to go to Colomendy again in Year 8.” 


Assistant Head of Year 7, Mrs Davies, said “The students formed good solid friendship groups and learned how to work together as part of a team.”


The trip took place from Wednesday 11 October to Friday 13 October and is an annual event for our Year 7 students. It is another way for teachers and staff to ease the transition process from primary school to secondary and is an invaluable way for our new students to get to know their peers and teachers even better.