1 November 2017

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Mike, Antonio and Georgieva all completed the first part of the course which included getting to grips with the basics of the library such as knowing the layout of books and resources, keeping the library in order and tidying the shelves. They also had to choose effective displays to correctly showcase the books and suggest appropriate new stock.

Upon completion, they received a certificate and badge which was presented to them by Miss Smith, Learning Resource Centre Administrator.

Miss Smith said: “I am so proud of the students and all the additional hard work they are doing to complete their Librarian course during break and lunch times.”

Year 8 student, Mike, said: “I really like being a Librarian because I’ve become more involved in the school and I’ve learned the reasons why books are processed the way they are.”

The next level for the students will be silver, which will involve more hands-on work such as issuing and returning a library book, writing a review of a new book for display and reading to a group of students at break time.