7 December 2017

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Working with the ‘Putting fun back into food’ team, two groups of children and a member of staff competed against the clock in front of their classmates to create the best healthy dish they could from mystery ingredients.

The competition got students excited about eating well while learning more about the different food groups.

Year 8 student, Le Tia, said: “It was a lot of fun being given these everyday ingredients and creating something so tasty. I was on the red team and we won with a rice and Quorn stir fry. It was delicious.”

The teams had to choose from a selection of healthy ingredients to create a dish which was then tasted by the other students and a winner was chosen using voting cards.

Mrs Barber, winning member of staff on the red team, said: “The students helping me really got stuck in. They chopped the food and gave ideas of which ingredients to put into the dish. It was a great challenge that got them thinking about healthy choices.”