13 December 2017

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BBC reporter, Sean Styles, spoke to the students, and director, Keith, was also there to chat about ‘The Burying Party’ movie, which centres on Birkenhead’s famous WWI poet, Wilfred Owen.

The short film marks the 100th anniversary of Owen’s death and has needed the assistance of crowdfunding to develop the project. The money raised will be used to bring to life the locations, costumes, props and characters to tell the story of the extraordinary final year of a man who is generally regarded as Britain’s finest war poet.

Last month, Year 8 students took part in a Q&A session with Keith about how the movie is being brought to life and Radio Merseyside talked to students about the experience.

Being interviewed were Year 8 students, Lilly and Ola, who had both been part of the group who spoke with Keith over Facebook live.

Lilly said: “It has been a great experience being able to chat with a real movie director and to see the hard work that is going into this movie. I can’t wait to watch it.”

Also taking part in the interview was Year 10 student, Laci, whose form group in school have been raising money to go toward the project. She said: “I have really enjoyed being a part of this and coming up with business ideas to help raise some money.”

The movie’s Assistant Director, Keith Thompson, told the BBC’s Sean Styles: “Students here at The Birkenhead Park School have been really supporting this project and we are delighted with the response we have had to help bring to life this local man’s story.”