13 December 2017

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Mathematical Education on Merseyside is an organisation which brings together staff from three universities in Liverpool and local school teachers to devise, enable and promote mathematical activities throughout the region.

The masterclasses ran during the Autumn term and provided an excellent opportunity for able and enthusiastic students from all over the North West to meet up and explore mathematical ideas. Two students from The Birkenhead Park School were delighted to be selected to take part.

Speakers came from the local mathematical community to talk to the students and each session explored a different area of the subject.

Topics covered during the course were varied, ranging from mechanics and juggling tasks to codes and ciphers, and the sessions were designed to be as interactive as possible.

Year 9 students, Imogen and Abbie, both received certificates and a voucher for a new book at the end of the workshops to celebrate their efforts.

Imogen said: “I’ve really enjoyed taking part in this course as Maths is my favourite subject at school and so this has allowed me to further explore my interest.”

Abbie agreed, saying: “The course was really good as we got to meet loads of different people who all shared a passion for maths.”

“Imogen and Abbie are excellent Mathematicians and it was fantastic that we were able to provide them with this wonderful experience. The girls have developed so many skills during these workshops that will benefit them in the future. Our school values promote students being ambitious and I’m really pleased to see Imogen and Abbie devoting their own time to share their love of Maths.” Miss Clarke- Head of Maths