17 May 2018

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A team of ten students are participating in an event that will introduce them to the world of law. The mentorship program has been headed up by Paula Blakemore, Assistant Principal at Birkenhead Sixth Form College and a former lawyer, supported by a team of degree level Law students who are dedicating one afternoon per week to prepare our team for a competition at the end of July.

Splitting into the prosecution and defence, students will cover all aspects of a criminal trial as they step into the roles of barristers, witnesses and the court staff. Each case is to be presented in a simulated courtroom experience in front of an experienced judge. The prosecution is trying to determine whether Madison is guilty of throwing bottles at the police car of PC Wilkinson & PC Johnson. The defence on the other hand must prove his innocence.


For the main event, our prosecution team goes head-to-head with the defence from Calday Grange Grammar School and vice versa. This live competition in July is a great opportunity for our teams to improve their oracy skills, become confident public speakers and possibly spark an interest in studying Law at A Level. Equally it’s an opportunity for some healthy local rivalry and we’re in-it-to-win-it!