9 May 2018

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We’re all familiar with the postman delivering bills, bank statements and the latest offers to switch between energy providers, but recently staff at the Birkenhead Park School were delighted to have received notes of gratitude from former students in amongst their mail.


“I would like to thank you for all the support you gave to me throughout my two years in school. I will always appreciate your help and how it allowed me to perform better in my GCSEs. Your advice is even still helping me today in my A Levels.”
“Thank you for being such an amazing teacher for the two years I have been taught by you. Your lessons were always a joy to be in and I will always remember them. It has been an absolute pleasure to have been taught by you.”


The messages were handwritten on special thank you postcards by former students who went on to study at Birkenhead Sixth Form College. This is part of the College’s unique BePART like-skills programme. Part of this initiative includes using gratitude to help with positivity and resilience, scientific studies prove that showing appreciation to others leads to greater happiness and improves an individual’s outlook. The postcards gave the school’s former students a great sense of wellbeing, and a great feeling of fulfilment for the teachers who received surprise recognition from the students they worked for each and every day.


“In your lessons I surpassed what was expected of me, and what I expected to get. Without your teaching that wouldn’t have been possible.”

“You know how to make lessons fun, and it was a big part of why physics became one of my favourite subjects and I continued with it at A Level. Thank you for being such a great teacher.”