19 July 2018

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We are incredibly proud to announce that Miss Clarke, Head of Maths here at The Birkenhead Park School, has received the prestigious ‘Mentor of the Year’ award from Liverpool John Moores University. The award is in recognition of the outstanding training that she has provided throughout the year to Miss Holden, a soon-to-be maths teacher.

To be nominated, mentees had to voluntarily submit a personal statement that outlined why the support they had received was worthy of recognition. Miss Holden is clearly very appreciative of the close support and positive working relationship with her mentor:

“Miss Clarke has been an absolutely fantastic mentor this year, I couldn't have done it without her support and positivity! She has always made time for me no matter how busy she has been and has made my training teacher journey both rewarding and enjoyable!”

Miss Clarke was one of over five hundred mentors to be nominated by the LJMU trainees this year. Her selection for the award is therefore all the more impressive given the scale of competition and is a true testament to the impact her dedication has had on another aspiring young educator.

“It is an absolute privilege to be presented with this award. Jess and I have worked closely this year on developing her teaching and learning pedagogy to ensure she fully prepared for her future career as a Maths teacher. Her professionalism and determination has been outstanding and I'm really proud to have been on the journey with her.  The teaching profession is so rewarding yet challenging at times and The Birkenhead Park School staff work really hard to serve our students by providing them with best possible Education. It's important for our society to keep high quality training in place and I'm really grateful for being recognised for this.”

The award clearly demonstrates how valuable mentors are to the training of our teachers of the future. We’re very proud to have a teacher in school that can so clearly inspire, motivate and encourage others.

Congratulations Miss Clarke!