22 January 2019


New Character lessons which are taking place at The Birkenhead Park School focus on changing the culture of our communities.

Character lessons are an exciting new initiative which help young people understand the importance of demonstrating kindness, showing respect and living well. How students relate to people who don’t think the same way, or believe the same things, is a crucial skill that these lessons teach.

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will have a one hour lesson per fortnight, and a committed ‘Character Team’ will be delivering the lessons. The staff have the responsibility of delivering high quality Character lessons that motivate and inspire students to make a change in themselves and for their school and local community.

Students will be required to take part in the ‘BPS handshake’, this is so important to give students the confidence to be able to present themselves well in all areas of their lives. For example, when they need to introduce themselves confidently and purposefully to visitors and to potential employers. The ‘BPS handshake’ is followed by the BPS introduction which focuses on future career goals as students need to know and be supported in what they want to achieve in their own lives and are encouraged to set their own personal goals.

As part of our Character lessons, each student has written a sentence on the inside cover of their exercise book, setting out their ambitions and an impression that they would like to make on the world.

Levi, Year 8 wrote: “I want to be the most polite person in the school so that I make the school community a better place.”