24 April 2019

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As part of The Birkenhead Park School’s international exchange programme, the two sets of students come together each year to share experiences and for the Kontiki school students it gives them a chance to study in another country and environment.


Year 7 student, Emily, said; “It has been really interesting spending time with the students from Denmark. I didn’t realise how similar both cultures are and I have made a new friend.”


The group of students and staff were welcomed by Assistant Headteacher, Mrs Houghton, who said; “It has been lovely to welcome back to The Birkenhead Park School our Dutch partner school Kontiki. Our students have invited their new friends to join them within lessons and to look at the different styles of learning between the two schools.”

The Birkenhead Park School is also lined with schools in Germany and China as part of our exchange programme. All students have been an example to their schools so far during the visit and The Birkenhead Park School looks forward to welcoming other schools in the future as part of their exchange programme.