25 March 2019

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Imam Mustaq from the centre gave students a tour and spoke to them about how the centre serves the local community. Students also had the opportunity to ask lots of questions to get a greater understanding about the Islamic religion.

Year 7 student, Ryan, said; “I really enjoyed going to The Wirral Deen Centre because they were so welcoming- Imam Mustaq showed us the place that Muslims wash themselves before prayer. It was also interesting to find out that Muslims follow the same God as both Jewish and Christian followers. The centre do so much for the community and welcome people who do not even follow Islam. I think this shows compassion as they do not discriminate against anyone.”

Another Year 7 student, Lilly, said; “I was fascinated and interested when I went to The Wirral Deen Centre. We were shown the place that Muslims clean themselves before presenting themselves to the Lord. I also learnt  that some Muslims learn The Quran off by heart so they can recite it. Overall the trip was amazing and I enjoyed it.”

As a massive thank you the Year 7 students donated food parcels to support the centre with their ‘Foodbank Project’ within our community. The project serves food hampers to local homeless people.