27 November 2019

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Year 11 students at The Birkenhead Park School are benefiting from a special tutoring programme that aims to give the confidence to achieve the highest grades possible in their GCSE Maths and English.
Working alongside the school’s excellent English and Maths departments, Action Tutoring, which is a national education charity, offer extra support for those young people who need it, ensuring that all students are on a level playing field come GCSE exams.
Tutoring programmes such as this are proven to be an extremely effective way of affording all students the same opportunities for exam success in Maths and English. The sessions take place in school once a week and twenty students work in small groups with a specially trained tutor on a 2:1 ratio.
The resources in these sessions are structured and tailored to the curriculum with the school having an input into the resource provision.
Head of Mathematics, Miss Clarke, said: “The students benefitting from these sessions are becoming more confident in tackling difficult questions because of the extra one-on-one support they are being given. They are targeting specific skills that they need to work on and build their resilience.”