2 December 2019

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Year 11 students at The Birkenhead Park School are taking part in intriguing problem solving tasks and geometric reasoning activities during the ‘Hidden Connections’ evening course at the University of Liverpool.

The workshops are aimed at helping students to develop their skills further and spend time with likeminded people learning some new topics and considering the proofs, problems and possibilities of Mathematics.

Before the students attend the University they have pizza in school and then travel over to Liverpool.  The aim of the course is to enable the students to see the connections between all the different topics covered in GCSE Mathematics and help them achieve more in their studies and beyond.

The course is both useful and enjoyable for students and gives them extra confidence to think a bit more deeply about the GCSE topics they study in school.

Year 11 student, Imogen, said: “I really enjoy the evening classes at the University, they explain all about the Science of learning and it helps me to feel more confident about my Maths skills.”