29 January 2020

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Imam Mustaq from the centre gave students a tour and spoke to them about how the centre serves the local community. Students also had the opportunity to ask lots of questions to get a greater understanding about the Islamic religion.

Year 7 student, Alfie, said; “I really enjoyed going to The Wirral Deen Centre because it was a fun experience which made me think a little bit more about different religions. We got to see all the different parts of the Mosque and ask lots of questions.”

Another Year 7 student, Amelia, said; “I was fascinated and interested when I went to The Wirral Deen Centre. We were shown the place that Muslims clean themselves before presenting themselves to the Lord. I also learnt  that some Muslims learn The Quran off by heart so they can recite it. Overall the trip was amazing and I enjoyed it.”

As a massive thank you the Year 7 students donated food parcels to support the centre with their ‘Foodbank Project’ within our community. The project serves food hampers to local homeless people.