16 March 2021

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The Birkenhead Park School has a full house of students again, the first time since the beginning of January.

Year 11s were the first year group to resume face-to-face lessons, starting on Tuesday 9th  March, and to recognise all the hard work they had put in over the last year, each student received a welcome pack. The welcomes packs had a postcard and hoodie inside, which have been personalised with all the names of the Year 11s and will double up as a leavers gift when they complete school this summer.

Other year groups returned in the following days, with the school once again running at full capacity on Friday 12th March.

Angela Galer, the Year 11 Lead, is delighted to be back in school: “It’s been really tough for students adjusting to these new ways of learning but they’ve been absolutely fantastic. It’s been particularly hard for the Year 11s with their exams coming up, so we wanted to give them something as a little thank you for all their hard work. I’m so happy to be back in school now and look forward to helping our Year 11s achieve the very best they can.”

Peter Mee, the Deputy Headteacher, said: “I am extremely proud of the way that our students have engaged with remote learning. They have continued to be ambitious and have focused on achieving the highest possible grades, even when there has been a significant disruption and enormous anxiety on how they are going to be assessed. 

" It has been a pleasure to welcome back the students to face-to-face teaching, they have continued to stay positive, even when faced with difficult circumstances. The Birkenhead Park School continues to be the hub of the community, and the students’ have maintained a strong desire for success.  They are a credit to their families and the entire community of Birkenhead."

Our Year 11 leavers hoodies were purchased from the School Leavers Company.