24 November 2022

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The Birkenhead Park School has been awarded the Gold Mark for School Games 2021-22, showcasing our commitment to the development of sporting competition and inclusivity for all students within our school.

To create a fully inclusive timetable, which gives all of our students a chance to both play the sport  and be a leader in it too, we have introduced new sports such as Kin-Ball - a team sport created in Quebec in Canada using a huge inflatable ball with a diameter of 1.2 metres, and played by three teams simultaneously. Quidditch, which is hugely popular with our Harry Potter fans, is another new sport our students are taking part in. We may not have flying broomsticks but our students can certainly run fast!

More and more of our students are signing up to be on our Sports teams, with training being part of our extracurricular timetable during lunchtimes and after school. Being part of a team at The Birkenhead Park School also opens amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for our students. Our rugby team recently had the chance to go and watch Sale Sharks play at their home ground, and go onto pitch at half time to meet the players.

An important part of our Sports programme is also the leadership opportunities that it provides for our students. So far we have provided Student Leaders at primary dodgeball, rugby, Sports hall athletics, and Fit fun fest is coming soon.

The Wirral Netball League is held every Monday and our girls’ team is doing fantastically so far, with games every Monday held at Wirral Grammar School.

Our Year 9 boys’ football team remains unbeatable at this time and they are flying through the league, with the Year 7 and 8 girls’ football team following closely behind in their success.

Associate Assistant Headteacher, Mrs Critchlow, said: “We have amazing football teams within our school, and to spread help World Cup fever across all of our year groups, we are running a competition within forms during the tournament. Each form is allocated a country, and form time will create the opportunity to discuss the allocated country as a whole, not just in football terms. The winning country will then receive a prize once the tournament finishes. We can’t wait!”