Summer Exam Timetable

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Candidate Information

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) regulates the exam/assessment system and they have been designed to ensure the integrity and security of the assessment system and apply to all external assessments taken by students at The Birkenhead Park School. Exams such as Year 10 end of year exams and Year 11 mocks, as far as possible, will adhere to the regulations to help familiarise students with the environment in which they will be completing their final exams.

Exam Information


It is important that students read this information in advance and are aware of the rules specifically regarding items such as mobile phones, watches, Airpods and earbuds NOT being allowed in the exam room. You could be disqualified if you take these items into the exam room.

Please also note the following:

  • Bags and coats should be stored where indicated by the invigilator.

  • For toilet breaks, more paper or any other query, please raise your hand to attract the invigilator’s attention.

  • Extra time – if you are entitled to extra time as part of your access arrangements, you will have a card on your desk where the invigilator will fill out the start and finish time including the extra time.

  • Leaving the room at the end of the sessions – exam papers will be collected in at the end of the sessions. Please leave the room quietly as instructed by the invigilators.

  • Food isn’t permitted in examinations. Clear water bottles are permitted to be brought into the exam venue and all labels must be removed prior to the exam.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure you have all the correct equipment required for your exam.


Exam Clash

Post results services and appeals

If you believe your results are inaccurate, there are a range of services available to you. All services must be requested via the Exams Office who will make the request on your behalf online. You will need to fill out the post results fees form and pay on Parent Pay (post results services are right at the bottom of the page by exam level and exam board - you then need to select the required service.) Please note that all costs are per paper/unit rather than per person.


If you have any queries about the JCQ regulations, please contact the Exams office by emailing For the school’s complaint procedure, please see