26 April 2018

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A group of 20 Year 8 students rounded off the day by getting their heads into this year’s Junior Maths Challenge: a national event for maths-whizzes organised by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT).

The Maths Challenges aim to stimulate mathematical problem solving. With a mix of 25 multiple choice questions, the paper warms up steadily with 15 more accessible questions, before really stretching the brain with a mind-boggling array of calculations, fractions, shapes, angles, and other problems that are enough to trip-up even the most seasoned mathematicians. Contestants gain points for every correct answer, then risk it all in the latter section where each incorrect response loses you two points!

With the best in the country going on to represent the Maths Olympiad at international level, perhaps we’ll find an Einstein in the making amongst our ranks this afternoon at Birkenhead Park School!


Are you smarter than a 13-year-old? Have a go at last year’s challenge yourself here!

UK Maths Challenge 2017 - Question Paper


And the answers when you’re ready (no peeking!)

UK Maths Challenge 2017 - Answers