26 April 2018

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Forty-five of our Year 7 students paid a visit to The University of Liverpool last week, experiencing a day in the life of a model student. The schedule for the open day involved a walking tour of the University’s city campus guided by current undergraduate students, a show-stopping experiment with liquid nitrogen in our students’ first ever lecture, an introduction to the many clubs & societies they could join plus some early advice on how to budget for an entire year!

The purpose of the visit was to raise awareness of the opportunities that our young students have open to them as they progress through secondary school, perhaps sparking an interest in University life as just one of those many options that they will come to consider in the future. This is part of our ongoing commitment to careers development at The Birkenhead Park School and many more events will take place throughout their school journey. For now, our visit to The University was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and proved to be an inspiring day out for all that took part.

Let’s see what some of our pupils had to say:

“I enjoyed walking around the campus and learnt that you can join lots of societies. I really enjoyed the science lecture and learnt about the effects of liquid nitrogen.” - Shelby


“I learned that the age you start University is 18.  I enjoyed meeting the student advocates.  This trip has made me want to go to university and made me excited for the future.” - Amelia


“I learnt today that you can live at the University.  I enjoyed the lecture and learnt that you shouldn’t put your hand in liquid nitrogen and the damage it can do.” – Christopher