9 December 2019

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As part of our extensive commitment to helping our students plan for their futures, each year we invite a wide variety of organisations such as further education colleges, universities, apprenticeship providers and the NHS into school for our annual ‘What Next’ careers fair. The event's diversity is aimed at raising our students' awareness of the many options available to them after GCSEs, connecting them to the knowledgeable staff from each institution who were able to spend time sharing vital information and resources that will help our students be ambitious for their future.

A large part of our efforts go towards raising aspirations and showing students right from Year 7 that if they are positive and ambitious then they can achieve great things. As well as a year-round calendar of careers events, we're also equipping them with skills for the future that go above and beyond achieving good academic grades alone. To support this students  regularly have timetabled ‘Character’ lessons. In these sessions, they are taught to think positively about the future and think about the type of person they are aiming to become, committing a sentence to the beginning of their exercise books that serves as a daily reminder of their aspirations and the impact they are hoping to have on their communities. Whilst it covers the importance of being kind and respectful to one another, we are also teaching our students vital skills for the workplace like how to introduce yourself confidently and offer a firm handshake.

After GCSEs, many of our students benefit from our partnership with Birkenhead Sixth Form College. At the careers fair students were able to meet staff from the College and find out what makes them UK Sixth Form College of the Year, discover more about the fantastic range of courses and clubs & societies, plus learn about the incredible achievements of former students who’ve gone on to achieve in a wide array of University degrees.

The purpose of these days are to inspire our students to think positively about their futures. We’re taking a proactive approach to providing them with access to better opportunities and engendering a belief that each and every one of them can go on to achieve, this is in line with our core aim as a school to “Achieve Ambition and Excellence for all”.